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Hi All & Welcome to a new look monthly newsletter

It’s been a while since I wrote to you and a few more have joined the ranks since. My radio silence was in part due to a few projects with tight deadlines and also because they weren’t technically about BARKING. There was much exciting stuff going on though so I thought I’d change the format to a monthly newsletter of things happening comics & art wise. There will still be give-aways and exclusive content so no change there. However, if you’re thinking… “Hmm, not quite what I thought” then I will understand if you unsubscribe. for those who wish to continue, heres’ this a brief catch up & this month’s lowdown.

Duo-colour Risos are off to press!

Next month I will be exhibiting at Mind The Art alongside a wealth of exciting creators including Wallis Eates (Mumoirs, Like An Orange) & Rachael Ball (The Inflatable Woman, Wolf). I will be displaying Duo-colour Risograph prints of my 1in4Zines. This A3 print run has added designs and the colours are looking glorious thanks to Friends in the Dungeon who are printing them. If you’d like to come to the exhibition just click on the link above or follow the Twitter feed

The original zines got an amazing review in Broken Frontier by Andy Oliver. You can read the article here http://www.brokenfrontier.com/1in4-zines-lucy-sullivan-unbound-barking/

The exhibit opens on World Mental Health Awareness Day, Oct 10th & to celebrate I’ll be giving away a print or two to subscribers. All you need to do is be signed up for this newsletter next month. Easy!

Comic Art commissions

Last month saw the release of my first ever artwork in a published comic series. I was invited by Jeff Lemiere (after he backed BARKING!) to draw a pin-up of Madame Dragonfly for his Black Hammer series with artist Dean Ormstom. It was a proper thrill to work with one of Jeff’s awesome characters and see my work in a Dark Horse Comic. You can check out the pin-up in Black Hammer, Age of Doom #4 at all good comic retailers.

The second exciting project was a collaboration with writer Ram V (Black Mumba, Grafity’s Wall), letterer Aditya Bidikar (Paradiso, Kid Lobotomy) and myself on artwork for this year’s Thought Bubble Festival Anthology. The print and digital versions will be available early next year. We’re all really pleased with the way the project turned out & hope you like it too!

In BARKING news…

I’ve just started back to work on my graphic novel, with Unbound. I’ve been rewriting the story arc and will start sketching out the spreads next week. The funding continues to grow steadily, now at 38% with 155 backers and some amazing support, many of you included so a heartfelt thanks. If you’re still not sure about spending £20 on a book (it will be beautiful I promise!) then I may have a solution coming soon. I’m looking to produce a run of mini-comics taken from the first 2 chapters. These will be reasonably priced and hopefully available at comic festivals, shops and from my web store soon. I’ll keep you posted & there will of course be a give away. If you’d like to support the book now please click here! Backers will be getting FREE extra digital content if the mini-comics go ahead so it’ll still be worth getting onboard soon!

Well that’s all for this month, I wish you all a blustery September.

See you next month, Lucy