Sketching madness

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And there are are fair few things a foot. Of course in the clandestine world of comics there are many I can’t mention just yet and they are very exciting but I can say that I have a few events confirmed for the finished book. There will be an exhibition of artwork and varying processes to create the graphic novel at Deptford Does Art later in the year. This will be accompanied by free workshops on creating graphic narratives from personal experience with me. I’ll keep you posted on how you can join in & details of the Exhibition launch night closer to the time.

Excuse the pun in the blog title but it is both literal and actual as I try to sketch how I think madness feels when you are in it’s inky grip. Chapter 7 has now been mainly sketched and I’m starting Chapter 8 this week. My approach has been somewhat unconventional, by drawing the entire book in biro without under pencils. This is often frustrating & sometimes thrilling but the feel and aesthetic it gives the book makes it worth while. Once the full 10 chapters are drawn it’ll be on to the digital side of things before going to print.

If you’d like to see the process as it happens please check out my social feeds, if we’re not already linked.

I’ve now got only 18 copies left of the Barking preview comic taken from the graphic novel. Thank you to everyone who has bought one so far. Profits from these sales will go into the crowdfunding total at Unbound and so you are helping bring it to print with your purchase. If you would like 1 of only 100 comics please head to the shop page on my site.

I’m off for more scratchy drawing so until next time, take care x