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 Listen to  Panel Borders  with Alex Fitch

Listen to Panel Borders with Alex Fitch

Panel Borders with Alex Fitch: Unbound Publications 

In March I spoke at Cartoon County alongside my Editor at Unbound, Lizzie Kaye. Cartoon County is a monthly talk in Brighton where invited Comics Creators present to an audience of their peers with interviews by Alex Fitch. Alex also hosts Panel Borders on Resonance FM 104.4, this episode combines our talk with fellow Graphic Novelist at Unbound, Wallis Eates. Wallis chats about her book 'Like an Orange', Lizzie talks about Unbound and commissioning Graphic Novels and I discuss my book 'Barking', it's inspiration and my processes.

Broken Frontier with Andy Oliver: Barking & the Power of Graphic Medicine

I started this year with an interview in Broken Frontier, the UK's foremost blog on Independent & Small Press Comics. It was a genuine thrill to discuss my book and processes with Andy Oliver as I regularly read Broken Frontier to keep up to date with the UK Comics Scene. If you love comics and are interested in finding out more please check out their website and excellent articles by creators and lovers of comics and graphic novels.

 Read the  Broken Frontier  Article with Andy Oliver

Read the Broken Frontier Article with Andy Oliver

 Listen to  Declaration of Independents  with Rees Finlay

Listen to Declaration of Independents with Rees Finlay

Declaration of Independents with Rees Finlay: Episode 5, Lucy Sullivan

My first podcast interview was with Rees Finlay & is one I'm very proud of.     Rees is an excellent host and as a comics creator himself empathises well with the challenges of creating a graphic novel. He started this podcast after suffering a mental health crisis and in this episode we discuss that alongside my own crisis- the basis of my graphic novel, my background and love of comics.

*Trigger Warning: Contains an honest account of a suicide attempt*

Boundless Magazine: Haunted, Hunted, Committed

Barking was featured in Unbound's Digital Magazine , Boundless. I was invited to write about my experiences, the events that lead to my mental health crisis and why I am creating Barking.

This article includes an extract of Chapter 1: Hounded.

 Read the  Boundless  article on Barking

Read the Boundless article on Barking

 Read the Comicosity article with Chris Campbell

Read the Comicosity article with Chris Campbell

Comicosity Interview with Chris Campbell: Lucy Sullivan

In February I was interviewed by Chris Campbell at Comicosity a website and hub for all things comics and superhero tales can offer. Chris is an excellent interviewer and his questions really made me consider aspects of my life and working practices that heave lead top creating my graphic novel. It's an in depth interview about me personally as well as being an author/artist.

Laydeez Do Comics & Isobel Rafferty

 Read the  Interview  with Isobel Rafferty

Read the Interview with Isobel Rafferty

My very first talk about 'Barking' was at Laydeez Do Comics in January. Laydeez is a monthly meet up of comics creators with a focus on women creators & auto-biographical Comics but everyone is invited! Two speakers talk about their work very plinth to an encouraging and inquisitive crowd. I shared the bill that evening with Richy Chandler, creator of 'Lucy the Octopus' & 'When are you going To Get A Proper Job?.

It was a thrilling and empowering experience to talk at Laydeez , an event I've attended whenever I can since being directed to it. The audience were open, friendly and really helped me to start my campaign to create and crowdfunding 'Barking'. In attendance that night were my editor Lizzie Kaye, Alex Fitch & fellow Unbound Graphic Novelists Jessica Martin & Wallis Eates. Wallis is one of the ladies that runs Laydeez but to have so many Unbound women in one room was marvellous.

After the talk I met & was interviewed by Isobel Rafferty. At the time Isobel was studying Journalism at Roehampton University. She has since go on to be Editor in Chief & co-founder of FYM Magazine & graduates this year. I'm sure will be taking the world of Journalism by storm very soon. Alongside her fellow FYM Journalist Esme Bow MacLean Isobel covered events at the Laydeez Do Comics Prize, the first Female-Identifying Prize for an UnPublished Graphic Novel. This years winner was Emma Burleigh who's work in progress 'My Other Mother, My Other Self' was awarded at the March ceremony. You can read the article on the Laydeez Do Comics blog. Where you can also book fee tickets for the next talk.It's an excellent evening and I implore you to join us if you' In or Near London.